Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition for Illness

Diagnoses we can address

Medical diagnoses have the power to elicit strong emotions. Anxiety, fear, and a state of feeling overwhelmed, are all common responses to negative health outcomes. 

Improving the body’s internal environment can change the course of ones health, diminishing the disease state, and ultimately encouraging longevity. 

A Functional Approach to Your Health

Personalized Nutrition Therapy

As a functional nutritionist, I use food as medicine to feed, nourish, and improve body function.

What you eat matters!

My job is to address WHY dysfunction is occurring and WHERE it is occurring in the body. Once the why and where are identified, I use high quality food and phytonutrients therapeutically to address clinical imbalances to optimize health.

So, what exactly does this mean? It means removing that which is harmful or excessive (ex: toxins, gut microbes, food sensitivities, allergies, infections, poor diet, stress) and adding that which is lacking (macro and micronutrients, fiber, water).

Once systems have been restored, health can thrive.

Each client is asked to fill out an extensive intake form. We then meet one on one to begin to understand overall health and address concerns. This personalized approach takes into consideration primary health concerns, symptoms, medical and family history, lifestyle habits, and diet. The intake form, along with the initial consultation, provide a significant amount of personal information which will help identify the fundamental imbalances occurring in your body.

Testing is recommended for a majority of clients. Functional and conventional testing can help provide us answers as to where imbalance is occurring in the body. The data is used to help shape a detailed plan targeting specific nutrients the body needs for improved health.

Potential Tests:

  • Conventional Blood Work (CBC, CMP, Anemias, Thyroid, Vitamin D, Vitamins and Nutrients, HgA1c, Inflammatory markers, Insulin, and Glucose)
  • ION 40 
  • NutrEval 
  • Dutch Hormone Panel
  • GI- Map (Gut Function)
  • IgG Food Sensitivities

A personalized health program is created that addresses initial concerns and symptoms, both conventional and functional test results, and the  unique biochemical makeup of the person. Most personalized plans include therapeutic dietary changes, personalized supplement recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations intended to move health in a positive direction.

What To Expect:

Your Steps

Working to improve health is a process and takes time. I work methodically so that I can truly understand your health concerns and what is occurring systemically in your body.

Once I have collected all the data (and feel like I understand your concerns), I make suggestions meant to not only decrease symptoms but also improve the underlying cause of the distress. Ultimately, I work to uncover the systemic imbalances and improve long term health.



This is an initial 15-minute call. We meet in advance of working together to answer any client questions, and ensure expectations and potential outcomes are aligned between us.


I will send an extensive intake form and diet diary to complete before the Initial Consultation. Having this information is hugely important and shapes the personalized plan. Once the intake form is complete, we meet for the Initial Consultation.


During this 60-minute appointment, we review your health history and concerns, symptoms, diet, and lifestyle. Upon meeting completion, the client will receive a custom support program which will include some or all of the following; suggestions for laboratory testing, therapeutic diet recommendations, initial personalized supplement recommendations, lifestyle changes, and resources to help you implement your program.


After the Initial Consultation, (if recommended) the client will complete the suggested labs. Labs usually take about four weeks to process and receive results from the time the blood drawn. While waiting for the results, the client starts implementing the custom health program given after the initial consultation.


Dependent on the timing of the lab results, there will typically be a follow-up about four weeks after the Initial Consultation. At this appointment, laboratory data will be reviewed and there is a check-in about how the implementation of custom support plan is going. Based on laboratory data and custom health program results, we will make changes or adjustments as needed. We will continue to follow up every 4-6 weeks as needed.

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